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NGO Overview, Mission, and Purpose: What We Are About and Who We Help

We are all about polar bears. We like to talk about them, read about them, study them, see them in real life, follow them, track them, and more. You ask us a question about polar bears; we’ve got an answer. We think that polar bears are just as important as every other animal is, and we want to do everything we can to ensure their survival. Our main mission is to make sure that the polar bear survives. We are trying to prevent global warming as much as we can so that the polar bears’ habitat doesn’t melt into the sea like it is right at this very moment. Global warming is caused by the vast emissions of carbon dioxide into the air. There are not enough trees or plants in this world to suck it all out of the atmosphere. Airplanes, cars, and trains all pay a large contribution to these emissions. There is absolutely no need for so much carbon dioxide in the air. It ruins the polar bear’s chances of survival by a large margin. We are doing absolutely everything we can to keep the polar bear’s hopes alive because if we don’t take any action, the polar bear will go extinct in just a matter of years. We are working with companies like the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to bring some polar bears into captivity to increase their chances. Overall, we just want these majestic bears to survive.

NGO "Bottom Line": How Me Make an Impact

We are working to find ways to stop the polar bear population from declining. In doing so, we are working with many zoos across the United States and Canada to bring some polar bears into captivity. Many of these zoos are also conserving energy to prevent excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Working together, we are reducing the amount of fuel used to keep the animals healthy, we are keeping waste out of landfills by recycling, we are using alternative fuel sources like electricity to transport zoo guests, and we are using bio-diesel fuels made from oils and grease from zoo restaurants. By holding the bears in captivity and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, we are increasing the chances of the polar bears’ survival in the future. Our work is saving the lives of hundreds of polar bears in the Arctic tundra. Overall, Polar Bears International is working to save the polar bear population from dropping to the point of no return. Without us, they may have already gone extinct.

NGO Organization Details and Location: Headquarters and Global Outreach

  • Polar Bear International-U.S.
    P.O Box 3008
    Bozeman, MT 59772

  • Polar Bears International-Canada
    P.O Box 4052 Stn B
    Redwood Centre Postal Outlet 1155 Main Street
    Winnipeg, MB R2W 5K8

  • Scandinavian Wildlife Park-Denmark

NGO Job Openings: Who, Why, Where, When, and for How Much?

We currently are not hiring anyone and we have no job openings, but we are accepting volunteers of at least 18 years of age in many programs.

  1. PBI Climate Alliance Program

  • Offers a grounding in climate science
  • Gives a clear understanding of the arctic sea ice, polar bears, and the urgent need to act
  • Provides training in strategies to effect community change
    Headquarters in Winnipeg
    Works to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    Costs $1,500 to participate

2. PBI Arctic Allies

  • Demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Strives toward product/service stewardship, which PBI defines as the responsible management of a product from its inception through to its ultimate end and discontinuation
  • Challenges employees, suppliers, and customers to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Believes that the future of humankind, wildlife, and the earth's resources depends on reversing the trend of carbon emissions
  • Makes conscious decisions and actions that reflect their environmental values
  • Wants to see the polar bears and their habitat thrive
    Worldwide program
    Works to take action to save the polar bears and their habitat
    Donations are between $1,000 and $10,000

3. Association of Zoos and Aquariums

  • Volunteers work at various zoos across the United States and Canada.
  • From the Alaska Zoo to the Memphis Zoo, their are zoos needing volunteers in every state
  • Each volunteer is educated about climate change and global warming and what it is doing to the polar bears' habitat
  • All of these zoos are working to protect the bears' habitat by becoming more environmentally friendly
    Program for the U.S. and Canada
    Zoos ensure the survival of the polar bear
    Any donation will help

Why You Should Join Us...


They’re polar bears! How could you not want to save them? They’re only the world’s largest carnivorous animals. In addition, they’re one of the only animals that has a beautiful white coat. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to explore these amazing animals and maybe even see one in the wild. It’s not every day that you will see a polar bear in your life. If you love animals in general, this organization is for you. You have a chance to not only see these animals, but to save them from extinction. They’re not just any old bear that you see while camping in the forest. These are the real deal! These are the enormous, white bears that can only be found in areas that are almost uninhabitable by regular human beings. This is one of the only jobs in the entire world that offers the experience of a lifetime. You get to take part in restoring the polar bear population, and you have the chance to travel into the Arctic to see these animals in action.

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