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Daisy A. and Emilia C.

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NGO Overview, Mission, and Purpose: What We Are About and Who We Help

The purpose of the One Acre Fund is to focus on small-scale farmers in various regions of Africa. We specialize in food and seed delivery, market access and flexible payments for the farmers. The One Acre Fund does not give handouts and is dedicated to hard-work and integrity.
We value:
- Humble Service- We help the farmers in their fields and are involved directly in the farming process.
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- Hard Work- We are very professional and give the farmers the hard work and perseverance they deserve.
- Continual Growth- We set goals for ourselves and work to meet them. Once we meet the goals we set even higher goals for ourselves.
- Leaders- We create long-term careers and bring the best leaders together to form a hard-working family.
- Integrity- We do what we say we'll do and help who we say we'll help.

NGO "Bottom Line": How Me Make an Impact

Every six months, One Acre Fund pulls together a performance report that provides our donors with an honest view of our progress. Our most recent report, covering May through December 2012, discusses the following accomplishments:
  • Grew program size from 130,000 farm families to 137,000 farm families, serving more than 548,000 children.
  • Had our twelfth harvest, increasing take-home farm income by 100% per acre, with 97% of farmers repaying program fees.
  • Covered 84% of our field costs through farmer repayments.
This report briefly concludes with our vision for the future, which we are truly excited about. Our momentum continues to build at a terrific pace, and we are nearly doubling in size every year. This momentum is largely due to you, our loudest supporters.

Program Model: The One Acre fund follows a basic program model of empowering local farmers, providing farm education, capital aid (fertilizers, commercial seed, etc.), market facilitation (post-harvest handling) and crop insurance which is used during times of drought and disease.

Step 1: Empower local groups of farmers. We look for existing self-help groups and bring farmers together, which makes it possible for them to economically interact with markets.
Step 2: Farm education. This is provided by our field officer, who takes that latest practices from agriculture specialists and makes it easy to understand.
Step 3: Capital, environmentally conscious plating materials and fertilizer. "Our planting materials are a significant improvement on old food kernels currently used for seed – commercial seed is professionally graded, stored, and selected and out fertilizer provides badly-needed nutrients to soil that has been stripped bare over decades of poor management."
Step 4: Market facilitation. Our field officers give the farmers extensive training on post-harvest handling and storage so that they do not experience post-harvest cop lost. Farmers can access their stored food several months after the harvest and can sell their food for a higher price.
Step 5: Crop insurance. One Acre Fund has pioneered a crop insurance product that pays farmers in the event of a significant drought or disease.

This five step plan has proved successful time and time again, and we hope to keep expanding with this model in the future.

NGO Organization Details and Location: Headquarters and Global Outreach

Why East Africa? Why not the U.S.?
As the 2011 food shortage in the Horn of Africa demonstrates, East Africa has a rampant hunger problem. More than 60% of East Africans are farmers and, if they are given the right tools, they are capable of producing enough food to feed themselves.
The U.S. undoubtedly has hunger problems, but has significant safety nets – food stamps, WIC, private food pantries, and soup kitchens. East Africa has none of these options. The kind of hunger experienced there was eradicated a long time ago in the U.S. – this is the kind of hunger that leads to severe child stunting, wasting, and even death.

Kenya District Statistics
Farmers and Staff
Bungoma (HQ, experiments)
1,984 farmers, 25 staff
January 2006
18,720 farmers, 75 staff
July 2007
13,375 farmers, 69 staff
July 2008
14,562 farmers, 70 staff
July 2008
7,403 farmers, 20 staff
July 2009
6,193 farmers, 36 staff
July 2010
6,881 farmers, 21 staff
July 2011
5,608 farmers, 21 staff
July 2011
2,642 farmers, 9 staff
July 2011
390 farmers, 4 staff
January 2012
500 farmers, 4 staff
January 2012

Rwanda District Statistics
Farmers and Staff
11,815 farmers, 133 staff
July 2007
12,510 farmers, 119 staff
July 2008
9,612 farmers, 125 staff
July 2009
4,085 farmers, 67 staff
July 2010
1,627 farmers, 57 staff
July 2011
8,242 farmers, 62 staff
July 2011
1,514 farmers, 18 staff
July 2011
1,145 farmers, 14 staff
July 2012
1,656 farmers, 50 staff
July 2012
955 farmers, 13 staff
July 2012
844 farmers, 11 staff
July 2012

Burundi District Statistics
Farmers and Staff
5,085 farmers, 84 staff
January 2012

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Founders Eric Pohlman and Andrew Youn

NGO Job Openings: Who, Why, Where, When, and for How Much?

We look for "entrepreneurial, ambitious, and independent" people who can be given large amounts of responsibility to develop One Acre Fund's program model. Our staff has made significant contributions to our success, "from building our monitoring & evaluation systems to scoping potential districts for expansion; from trialing new crops to managing and mentoring other staff". If you don't mind working in fast-paced environments, are a dedicated worker, and are passionate about creating change in the lives of others, please consider joining the One Acre Fund today.

-Director of Development (with promotion potential to Chief Dev Officer) (Any major US city, New York or east coast preferred)

Wanted: Exceptional professional with at least 5–10 years (ideally more) of experience in development

-Program Associate (Rural East Africa)

Wanted: Early-career professionals with 2 – 4 years work experience to serve in a position that combines both field and management experience in Africa

-New Country Scout (Rural East or West Africa)

Wanted: Early-career high-performing professional with at least 2 years of work experience

-Systems and Finance Associate (Western Kenya with significant travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi)

Wanted: Exceptional professional to serve in a career–track position working on financial systems improvements and creation

-Operations and Finance Associate (Rural Rwanda (English and French required), or Rural Tanzania (English required))

Wanted: Exceptional professional with 2–4 years work experience to serve in a career–track position that combines financial and operational analysis with management experience in Africa

Why You Should Join Us...

"We see a future where every farm family has the knowledge, materials, and support necessary to satisfy their basic needs. At One Acre Fund, our vision is to become one of the world's most impactful organizations and to serve millions of farmers." If you are passionate about creating change in others' lives and thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, please consider joining our team!

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