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Katie Teshima and Camden Mahoney

NGO Overview, Mission, and Purpose: What We Are About and Who We Help

The Red Cross provides the metaphorical "best of both worlds" in that it provides both domestic services to build stronger communities at home as well as providing relief for both disasters and disease epidemics worldwide.

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Headquarters: Washington D.C.

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The Red cross not only provides assistance to people across the globe but in all parts of the United States as well. In addition to providing disaster relief and medical treatment for those in need, the Red Cross provides the tools to create a community well prepared for disasters, or common medical emergencies, teaching classes in CPR, instruction for first responders, babysitters, lifeguards and nurses. Red Cross is one of the oldest and most trusted organizations in disaster and disease relief. With every major natural disaster, people can count on the Red Cross to be there, helping in every way they can.

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