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NGO Overview, Mission, and Purpose: What We Are About and Who We Help

The Afghan Child Education and Care Organization was officially registered in 2008 with the Afghanistan government, though it had been open since 2004. AFCECO was created by Adeisha Farid, herself an Afghan Native who lost her parents in the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Her aim was to both save the lives of children whose lives have been shattered by war, and to build stronger communities and futures for the Afghan people. AFCECO aims to help the estimated 1.6 Million Afghan orphans.
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NGO "Bottom Line": How Me Make an Impact
AFCECO operates 11 Orphanages, including some in Pakistan, housing over 600 children. AFCECO focuses on raising a new generation of responsible, caring and well learned citizens of Afghanistan, rather than taking in as many children as it possibly can, functioning much like a boarding school. By learning about their own culture and history, in addition to world values, and taking part in a variety of enriching activities, these Children are better prepared to lead Afghanistan into a peaceful future. The children are given comprehensive academic and social education, taught to work cooperatively in prosperous non-discriminatory groups, and given access to events like sports, music education, art, field trips, including trips to sponsor families in Italy and the US. AFCECO not only takes orphans off the street and saves them, but brightens their future, and all of Afghanistan.

NGO Organization Details and Location: Headquarters and Global Outreach

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NGO Job Openings: Who, Why, Where, When, and for How Much?
AFCECO takes selected Volunteers to work in the Orphanages themselves, as well as housing children on foreign trips. In the orphanages themselves, Voluntters will of course have room and board, but the program is not a large or particularly well funded venture. As such, expect to be truly immersed in the poverty culture of Afghanistan, and working hands on with the children almost every day as a caretaker, mentor, teacher and entertainer. There are also local employees of the orphanages, largely local widows, that help with day to day laundry, food and the essentials of a building full of children. The Orphanages are located in villages only where agreement has been had with the local authorities, and as such are supported by their communities, and safe for work.
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Why You Should Join Us...

As a nation, America has taken the fate of the peoples of Afghanistan in it's hands. From American special operations that resulted in the formation of the mujaheddin, and then to the catastrophic conflict waged ever since 2001, American wars have complicated the lives of innocent civilians. In order for Afghanistan to rejoin the world in peace and prosperity, the military led mission of stability must cooperate with efforts to help the civilians of the country, and especially the children, to establish a new future for the Afghan people. The war against terror, extremism and the Taliban must and will be won by the United States, but the most important battle of the war will be the one for the children of Afghanistan, its future. Where tanks and drones cannot prevail, human kindness and education must. America has a strategic and human obligation to orphans of our wars, and as much need of donations and aid workers as it does bullets and soldiers.
Unless Americans are willing to help Afghan orphans, the war will never truly end.

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